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Considering switching 4 more lines from Sprint to Verizon, but...

We are thinking about moving 4 more of our lines over from Sprint to Verizon.  I'm tired of Sprint's promises of updating their network here (we live in the Denver area), and half of the time we try to use data, it either is too slow to bring anything up, or the data just drops off completely.  Anyway, our house is located in an area south of Denver that doesn't get much cell reception with any carrier (in the middle of the city, but no carrier seems to have decent service until you leave the neighborhood), and Sprint has provided us with an Airave at no cost (which works great).  I took a family member's Verizon phone and tried to use it at the house, but it just doesn't work well at all.  I contacted Verizon, and they mentioned that we could purchase a Network Extender for $250, but that they would also want to send a technician out to the house to run some tests to check the signal strength to the area.  I feel like this is a hassle since Sprint just shipped us the Airave and we hooked it up to get our service.

With that said, have any of you in the Denver area switched from Sprint to Verizon (specifically in the Centennial/Littleton area), and if so, was it worth it?  It would be really nice to have "better" (hopefully) service around town, but it seems that Verizon doesn't really want to do much to earn new business.  Sprint customer service has done everything they can to help us, but until they get 4G LTE here, the 3G service is just not working well for us.  If Verizon is that much better than Sprint, I think we'll strongly consider making the move, but if it's not going to be that much better, the cost of cancelling our service, plus purchasing the Network Extender, may just be too much.

Thanks in advance for any input!