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Dear Verizon wireless

I have been a customer with your company for over 13 years and have never had any problems with your service when it has come to purchasing new phones, signing new agreements  I can truly say that your service has been great. I have been going to my local retailer on 341 RTE 4 in Paramus New Jersey  to purchase multiple phone and handle any of my billing needs since I first moved to New Jersey I've been a loyal customer of there since 2004 and have never had a problem with them until recently. Unfortunately in my line of work as emergency responder I have very demanding hours  and need my phone to be able to contact my dispatcher for information and to recieve job info for call that im being sent on so during my free hours which i dont not have much I'd  like to be able to enter one of your stores with out being told that no one can help me with my situation and that I'm "out of luck" . Just recently I was working and was on a job when my iPhone fell and stopped working the screne dint break it just went blank it didnt luminate and when it was plugged inmit didnt respond so during my free time at work I went by your rt4 retailer to see if I can possibly get my phone fixed or replaced and one of  your customer sales representative wasn't really helpful the told me that " they could not do anything for me in the store" then he proceeded to give me a paper and told me to call the number on it that the insurance company could possibly  help me. The paper could of helped me but I had no phone to call the phone number with so seeing that I didn't have enough time I went back to work and wasted 20 mins of my time that was on 09/03/13. So today during work I realized that I was eligible for an upgrade I thought great I can go in purchase a new phone for the discounted price and be done 1,2,3 but NO! Instead I walk in (still being pressed for time because I'm working)  and wait for about 20 mins before being helped its not the waiting I'm angry about its the fact that when I was being helped I was told that I would be losing my family plan (that I had since Verizon first started offering any of there unlimited packages) if I upgraded to the i phone 5 but it wouldn't affect my other 5 lines and there upgrades but it would affect the  family plan.. rhetorical question ???? Does that make any sense. So I explained to the Rep that I've been a customer for 13+ years and that I've never had any problems upgrading and that I was always allowed to keep my current plan. He told me "sorry I can't help you there your going to have to call customer service" so of course I left the store angrier then the day before because I wasted another hour at what seem so know be the most useless store in the world. So after work I rush home where my trusty home phone is and call customer service  long story short I got the same answer couldn't keep my current plan I had to get a different one. Im sorry let me get to the point when Verizon first came out with there unlimited text email and data for $29.99 per phone line I got it for all the phones which at the time was 4 I've been paying a bill of about $400+ every month and I've been happy with that because Verizon offers some of the best phone coverage I've ever seen until recently when I was told I could have unlimited talk  and text but my data was going to be limited and that I wasn't going to be able to be grandfathered in like I was the pervious three time so in other words i basically screwed and can't keep my plan. Can you tell me why is it that the company that I've been loyal too the last 13+ years can't offer me what I want but another company such as t mobile  can offer me unlimited everything for all 5 phones for $280 with out a contract with no questions. I truly hope that my issue can be resolved I've never been so disappointed in Verizon until now

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Re: Customer service
Sr. Member

This topic has been beat to death, search all over the forums for your answers.  But as a summary:  No one keeps unlimited data when they upgrade.  If you want to sign a new two year contract then you agree to lose your unlimited data.  You could instead just process the insurance claim as they suggested and keep it.  You could also purchase a device at full retail or buy a used one from a website such as  This has been the case for quite some time now and sorry you just learned about it, but that's how it is.

T-Mobile is NOT unlimited.  They throttle you after a certain amount of usage when connected to their towers and you have a very LOW allowance and very HIGH overages when not connected to their towers.  Read more into it.

Re: Customer service
Customer Support


I want to first start off by saying that we truly appreciate your loyalty over the past 13 years! It means a whole lot to us. I also want to apologize for your recent experience in store. I know many consumers are strapped for time as they look to balance work and personal time. I understand that this is a plan that you've had for quite a while. Unfortunately, receiving the discounted pricing towards equipment would remove your unlimited data for that particular line. If you're interested in the device payment plan this may help with retaining the unlimited data;

It sounds like the main issue with the current device is the screen. If you have an Apple Store near you they complete phone repairs. They also have the ability to set appointments to work with your busy schedule.

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