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Data Plan Requirement for SmartPhones

It seems today that with all cell phone companies if you buy a cell phone, data plans are required. For most users this is beneficial, but say for instance if I didn't want a data plan. That I choose to access the web via wifi rather than using the wireless network, is there an option to do that?

I'm always connected to some sort of wifi. My car is a wifi hotspot, I have a wifi hotspot device from verizon, and I have wifi at home. I don't feel the need to have to pay for an additional data plan when I'm always connected to wifi. After trying to explain it to several representatives they don't have an answer for me other than it is part of the companies policy. We know the phone will work fine without the data plan, when I'm connected to wifi, so is it right that wireless providers do not give you an option to at least have a pay as you go option for the data plan?

Re: Data Plan Requirement for SmartPhones
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

No, it is not right...... And no, it is not wrong.


It is just the policy they have chosen to use. Just as you are able to make decisions for what you do, Verizon is able to make decisions for what they do.

Re: Data Plan Requirement for SmartPhones
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

VZW, ATT, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular, and all the rest require it.  Is it necessary for the phone to work? No? But is it required? Yes.


The billions needed to have these devices developed and to have a network built to handle the data  that is used (whether by you or not) needs to come from somewhere, requiring data plans helps build and maintain these networks and allow upgrades to like LTE.


If data was not required, we all could very well still be sitting in our cars talking on a bag phone.


As for the Pay As You Go option, it was tried, after many complaining of their $18k bill because they did not know they had to PAY for data