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Data/Text plan is not competitive

I have a single iPhone, and I use AT&T wireless.

My AT&T voice plan is $40/mo.  Verizon offers a $40/mo voice plan.  That's good.

My AT&T data/text plan is $20/mo (200MB/200messages).  The cheapest Verizon plan is $40/mo (500MB/unlimited messages).

Can someone please give a meaningful and intelligent response as to why Verizon does not offer a comparable data/text plan, for those of use who do not need insane amounts of data/text, but rather would like to burn less than $20/mo on these things?  That is, where is the plan for those of use who prefer not to pay for things that we do not need?

Re: Data/Text plan is not competitive

Your AT&T plan hasn't been offered for years to their new customers.  There is no need for Verizon to offer a similar plan.

Have you looked at the Verizon prepaid options?  They are only available for 3G only phones.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Data/Text plan is not competitive
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I would assume it is because thru their research on the amount of data people use, it is most likely because the majority of people use between 500 MB and 2 GB of data/month. They have determined a lower tier of data is not needed. Of course, you can't make everyone happy. If they offered the plan you are suggesting, there would be those who are complaining that they don't offer a $10 plan with 100 MB/100 messages. They have chosen the entry point to be 500 MB/unlimited messaging.

Keep in mind, when Share Everything was introduced, there WAS NOT a 500 MB tier. It was added later, after they determined there was a need for it. Quite possibly, if ENOUGH people want a lower tier, one will be added.Smiley Happy

Re: Data/Text plan is not competitive
Sr. Member

The Share Everything Plans are insanely priced regardless of how much or how little data you buy on either AT&T or Verizon. $80/mo for a paltry 500 Meg of data for one smart phone on the account is just unconscionable.  But of course these companies are looking for massive overage charges to pad their profit margins.  What the consumer needs, wants, or cares to pay is totally irrelevant.  So the simple answer as to "why" they don't offer what the customer wants is they make MORE profit by offering insanely expensive plans instead of more reasonable ones.