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Differences Between ACI & II vs NW

Does anyone know what the differences besides the access to web were?

Re: Differences Between ACI & II vs NW
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I believe the older plans, data was MOU. (Voice minutes were used and when nights and weekends hit, you were free to use all ya wanted.)

Re: Differences Between ACI & II vs NW
Verizon Employee

I'm glad you asked punisherbv. I used to get asked this question a lot when I worked in the retail stores. The answer that budone gave is a pretty good answer! I'm impressed with the knowledge you have on the topic budone! Just to elaborate on your answer, here are some of the main differences listed below.


Nationwide Plans - Separated data usage from TRUE voice usage.

   Provides the ability to access data services in extended network.


America's Choice - Data usage was billed in minutes (not an accurate measurement for data.)

   May or may not use data in extended areas (depends on who the roaming carrier was in the area.)


Most customers that  was on America's Choice I or II had the concern of not having enough minutes to use to talk and supplement their data usage. This increased the probability of minute overages, up to $0.45 per min. Also, if you lived or traveled to extended networks then many of our popular services may not have worked, VZNavigator, Family Locator, Mobile Web, etc.


With the release of Nationwide pricing, data was quantified in it's TRUE unit of measure, KB, MB, and GB. Also, once the device was authenticated in Verizon Wireless's footprint, data can be initiated, accessed, and used across the country without roaming issues or service interruptions. This led to even more accurate directions while using VZNavigator, improvements in the web browsing while on the go, and music/video downloads virtually anywhere! 


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to add input on this subject...