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Dirty Little Secret: Unlimited Customers are Second Class Customers

I knew that carriers might restrict or slow your usage after you had used a certain amount of data, but I just learned that Verizon cuts Unlimited plan customers off if a tower becomes busy.  You could be on your first byte of data for the month.

If you are following a map, you will be cut off.  Now you are driving and trying to figure out what has gone wrong, a very dangerous thing.  If you need to get information, tough.

When a tower has too much data and voice, they could:

  • Build out the network
  • Limit those who have downloaded or used x gb that month
  • Stop or slow down streaming music/videos
  • Stop internet access to anyone who has chosen an unlimited plan.  Use that as an opportunity to sell them a higher cost product.   

Whereas others have done the first three, Verizon has done the third.  Imagine following directions when your phone stops responding.  You are on a freeway and don't know where you are.  Dangerous.

What's more is that you are not told that you can be cut off at any time.  It may be buried in some sort of agreement, but it certainly means "unlimited" is a lie.

Verizon's something "unlimited" but limit it, and then demand more money for basic servcies.