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Discounts for Volunteer Fire and EMS personnel discontinued?

I have been a Verizon customer for a long time and have enjoied a 19% discount due to my service as a EMT in my local volunteer ambulance squad. In fact the ambulance squad chose Verizon as their wireless provider because the Verizon rep stated that a discount would be extended to active members with the agency.  In this case, the 19% discount would be provided under the NYS employee contract.

I recently recieved a notice from VZW to update my information to continue my discount as I have been asked in the past. In the past my ambulance squad photo ID was enough to secure the discount. This time however I was asked to provide a agency e-mail or paystub (volunteer =not paid = no paystub).

I called the "800" number provided in the message. I was told that I was not eligable anymore under the NYS employee contract and that I would loose my discount. (the rep was almost c*cky about it, until I pulled the ace out of my sleeve and told him I still qualify for a lower discount (15%) thru my employer)

I know that there are thousands of VZW customers that enjoied a discount because of their UNCOMPENSATED service to their communities as VOLUNTEER Firefighters and Volunteer Emergency Medical personnel. I think its is shameful that VZW would not honor its original commentiment.

I know as the DEPUTY CHIEF of my volunteer EMS agency.... we will immediately be exploring other carriers that will extend these discounts to our memebers