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Family Data Pricing (What do you think would be fair?)

Currently people are getting ripped off for $30 data plans and I assume many use under 1GB per month. Because of this many cannot afford data plans for their family.

I use around 150MB 3G each month, the rest is over WIFI.


1. How much data do you use each month? (Found through MyVerizon)

2. How do you think Verizon is going to set up family data?

3. How much should a family of 4 pay for family data if each of them gets 2GB each considering what I said above about many not even using 1GB (although is is probably rapidly changing with video calls and 4G LTE). I still think people on average use less then 2GB.

I would have to say $70 for 8GB for the family to share. $17.50 per person. At that figure I think we would start to see a lot more smartphones being sold but I'm sure my figure is really low by Verizon's standard.

So, what do you all think Verizon will do with pools of data? Speculate on prices and amount of data.

Re: Family Data Pricing (What do you think would be fair?)

Verizon has a $20/300MB data plan, which I have with an iPhone.

1. I used 75MB or less each month (I have used 75MB once).

2. Verizon is either going to add it as an option in current shared plan or create a separate data share plan (I''m thinking the later).

3. I would prefer not paying for data and just using WiFi, but I would say for a family/share plan no more than $20/GB on the account level.