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Family Share Data Plans

<< Branched from an older thread discussing a different data plan option that is no longer offered >>

Well now I am really confused!!! We are currently paying $100 for 700 minutes and another $30 for unlimited data on one phone. If we were to upgrade to 2 smartphones the data would cost us $60 for both phones and be limited to a shared 2GB. How is that a family share? $60 for 2GB...we had unlimited for $30 before. Sounds like another advertising money making scheme for verizon. Might just have to pay the cancellation fee for the one phone with 6-months left and switch to Sprint for $150 for more minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data!

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Re: Hooray Family Data Plans

Look at it this way and i will use my plan change as an example

originally I had the 700 Talk and text plan and paid 29.99 per line for unlimited data.

I just ordered the iphone 5 and had to change to share everything plan

Now it looks like this:

Unlimited talk minutes and unlimited text and 6GB Shared data between both phones $80 for the phones & $80 for the 6GB my only save is i have a 15% discount.  I was paying $145 before and now about $148 I was in more need of minutes that data so it works out barely use 3GB of data per month since i am always on a wifi connection at home and a few other places

As far as sprint goes just be sure it may be unlimited but you can get unlimited crap and not enjoy it right?  Seen a lot of bad stories about their service depending on where you are almost made the switch but did not want to deal with that hassle at least i already know with verizon i have never had an issue in two years

Re: Family Share Data Plans
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

The "Share Everything" plans won't work for everyone.  For some, it's a better deal.  For others, it costs more.  So we, as customers, need to do our homework, know how much data, minutes, texting, etc we actually use, and find a plan that fits.  It's the same thing I've done, and advocated for years.  And I'll change if a better option comes along, or stick with what I have if nothing better is offered.

If the Share Everything isn't a good deal for you, and you are currently on an older Nationwide family plan, you can keep your minutes allowance and just add data per line as needed.  or shop around and switch carriers if that works out better... you do have a choice!