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Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

My family has been with Verizon from the beginning after they acquired CellularOne in Seattle about 15 years ago.  We have been loyal customers even though some other companies offer cheaper unlimited voice data plans.  If Verizon eliminates the Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans (as was reported on CNBC today) for long term customers like us, THEN YOU WILL ELIMINATE US AS CUSTOMERS as well (that will equate to the loss of 4 Family Plan Verizon Accounts)!  This is just another example of NO Corporate Loyalty to customers anymore.  If corporations treat customers as commodities then we will treat you as a commodity as well, and just subscribe to the lowest cost carrier.

By the way, Verizon stock is up +2% on the news that they will be forcing their grandfathered Unlimited Data customers unto Tiered Data Plans.   Verizon - remember what happened to Netflix stock price when they said they were going to eliminate DVD's and doubled the price of their streaming / DVD plans?  They drove their customers away and their stock tanked by nearly 50%.  I canceled my Netflix plan as well.

What I would suggest to Verizon is that if there is a small percentage of customers that are abusing their Granfathered Unlimited Data plans, then cap those customers at the amount of data usage that causes Verizon network degradation.  This cap amount may be different in different areas depending on network utilization.  Do NOT punish all of us who have stayed with Verizon over the years and were rewarded by being allowed to stay on the Unlimited Data plans as long as we continued those plans, that we have greatly appreciated for years!

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

I am with you, as many others will be. Long time customer, was with Alltel when Verizon took over (about 14 years total). We have a family plan, one phone with data, one without. Replaced the phone without data plan in March. Verizon used this to change our plan from unlimited to 2GB. Did not realize this until I was reading Google news tonight and saw the changes coming. Pulled our last bill and saw the change. Called customer service and told them that the phone replaced was not the smartphone. They apologized but said there was nothing they could do because I did not catch it within 30 days. WOW!!! Hate to pay a cancel fee but I think we may be better off in the long run.


Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

Verizon is jealous and wants to become a verb - hence the reason we are all being Netflix-ed... How blind (and deaf) are these idiots. Shammo needs to be fired over this. I own(ed) Verizon stock. I dumped it at the opening bell today. Time to short Verizon.

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Netflix added 1.7 million subs the first quarter. So those that left are coming back..... Heck there really is not a good substitute for them yet.

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

i feel the same way. i will become a sprint customer when they take my unlimited data plan

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

AMEN to that!! Apparently Verizon learned NOTHING from the last time they tried to up their profits outrageously. (Remember the surcharge to pay a bill??)

Besides their intense interest in increasing their bottom line, their local representatives SUCK at customer service!! I'd rather drive to another STATE than deal with the RUDE IDIOTS working in my local store. And yes, I've told Verizon about it before, and was told that someone higher up the totem pole would come out to investigate the problem but if they did, I never received a response and the same jerks still work there.

I refuse to overpay and I will NOT pay for rude service.

Verizon, quite frankly, I no longer give a damn.

I'll pay the early termination fees to rid myself of you.


Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

The unlimited data plan was a huge reason I haven't jumped ship to another provider.  If Verizon refuses to honor customer loyalty, and our contract by forcing us into a 'tier' plan, I will be switching providers.

I'd like to know who these 'customers' are that, in the words of the CEO, prefer a shared data plan??? What a crock!!

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

so Verizon is going to once again use it's customers as mere stepping stones to becoming a monopoly.

I have been a faithful verizon customer for almost 10 years and was with it's parent company in Germany D2.

I am so sorry and sad that the leadership of this once great Company is going to run itself into the ground like AT&T is doing once again to it's self.

If Verizon does attempt to force me off my unlimted data plan i will move all of my business to Sprint it is only a mere thre hundred dollars a month, I will seek to sue the company for breach of contract as i am still on my original contract.  which specifically stipulates subsidized phones are included.

why not take a hint and use your profits to truly upgrade your network and not just play lip service to upgrading. 

so we will see in August where i am calling from and if i will be saying so long to Verizon

Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!


I've been with Verizon since the days of GTE Mobilnet (mid 1980's). I have been a loyal customer ever since.

But, it seems to me that they put SHORT TERM QUARTERLY PROFITS ahead of long term customer

Loyalty and retaining customers. I have a story to tel you about how the in-store sales people operate.

Last September, I upgraded from an LG Dare to the Bionic. As with all retail stores, the wait was long.

I was in the store for about an hour and twenty minutes before things wrapped up.

We went through the features, bought the insurance, Otterbox, etc. Then, at the instant - literally THE INSTANT-  I handed the pen back

to the sales person, who told me "Now , because of the type of phone you upgraded from, that plan is no longer available.

You now have a 2 gigabyte limit, but don't worry, that is more than anyone will use". [Paraphrasing]. I then went calmly ballistic.

I told them that I had called Verizon on two different occasions, talked to two different people, not to mention

another sales person AT THE SAME RETAIL STORE: All said my data package was grandfathered!! He proceeded to tell me some B.S. that the people

in the store know more than the people at Verizon. Then told him, his coworker and manager and reactivate my old contract!! The supervisor then sprung into action. He got on the phone with VZW tech support

and promptly told me I was correct and the matter has been taken care of. I got my new phone, 4G LTE, and unlimited data!!


I predicted that VZW and Greedy , AT&T will make plan changes before the iPhone 5 is released. So far, I am correct.

If VZW is intent on forcing us to go to a ripoff tiered plan, then I WILL DROP THEM!! (2012 - 1986 = 26 years!!)

Sprint and T-Mobile still have unlimited data plans for now, if I am forced to drop the unlimited plan, I will not hesitate for 1 nanosecond to drop VZW!

The number one item in business is to keep customers. The investors that are slobbering quarter-to-quarter for more profits should learn

that achieving that goal requires a strong customer base. Chasing customers won't achieve that goal.

>Post edited to comply with VZW ToS....keep your posts Family Friendly<

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Re: Goodbye Unlimited Data = GOODBYE VERIZON!

The Verizon CEO that thinks people want a tiered plan is projecting his own wishes. No body in his/her right mind

will take a limited plan over an unlimited plan!!