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Hidden fees

This discussion opened my eyes to all these kind of hidden charges. I trusted Verizon and never really checked my bill for all the minute details. Although these are only a few cents every month, over a period of time it is a considerable amount. And its not really acceptable.

Below are the charges I see on my bill:

Verizon Wireless' Surcharges +

Fed Universal Service Charge .75

Regulatory Charge .16

Administrative Charge .90

KS Universal Service Fund .98

Could someone please tell me which ones of these I can contend? I think its the Fed and the KS one. Please correct me if  that isn't right. I am in a 2-year contract which ends September 2014. What are my options?

Many thanks.

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Re: Hidden fees
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

What do you mean by contend? On what grounds?

If you want to have service with Verizon, you must pay the fee they charge.

Your options would be to pay the ETF and cancel your service. You can then change to another provider and pay the same fees to them, but of course you may want to contend the same fees with your new provider.

Re: Hidden fees
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Do you possibly mean "contest" rather than "contend"?

I think all the charges you're talking about are government mandated fees, except maybe the admin fee.  Although it is probably allowed by a state or fed regulatory agency.  So maybe you could contest the admin fee, but Verizon would never relent and remove it from your bill.  If they remove it from your bill they would have to remove it from all their customers bills and with approximately 100 million customers you see how much money they would stand to loose.  It would be far cheaper for Verizon to lose you as a customer than to remove 90 cents from every customers bill.

Best of luck whatever you decide to do.

Re: Hidden fees


i recently learned that the federal and universal fees are to pay for "     OBAMA'S" free phone deal.

one woman who was not even eligible for one received 3 and you and i are paying for it.

i'm a senior on a limited income, i've had my phone for 10 years, bill started out $41.00, now it's 55

looking for something cheaper.