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Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I live in a rural area where there is no available Internet. Home Fusion was the only service available to me.

Within the first 2 weeks of having it installed, we used the Internet in a moderate fashion like anyone else would -- watching YouTube and playing video games and so on. The next week the bill came in the mail.

Our bill was $3,000.

This is 2013. Our devices are designed to stream and update content constantly. Verizon is basically messing with everyone by creating a data cap, and none of you can do anything about it!


Data caps have NOTHING to do with network congestion! It is simply to monetize data. Verizon's CEO even said, "Data is the new oil". I am outraged and saddened Smiley Sad Because Verizon and AT&T monopolize the wireless market, there is nothing that a consumers can do but succumb to the will and power of their organization.

The only way I can speak out is by adding my voice in efforts to push for FCC regulation of Internet bandwidth caps. I am not alone in this. One day they will see the tables turn, and I will not be supporting those who act greedily. When will they push in favor of the consumer?

I hope the future is brighter for better Internet here in our country.

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Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

More information on why data caps stifle innovation

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I am unable to find information or support links to my problem with data usage overage charge rates on this website - I have wasted lots of time with this log in.  My first complaint is to redesign the website and add an obvious link to questions and issues with Verizon Home Fusion Broadband Internet.

I have the 10GB monthly plan.  When our kids and grandkids visited for two days over Thanksgiving they used so much data that my overage charge was $80 on top of the monthly charge. That is an excessive penalty to be thankful for. I am quite pleased with the improvement of download speeds with the Cantenna versus the previous satellite internet we had with HughesNet for over five years; however, to HughesNet's credit, they allowed free overage tokens without charging extra for occasional data overage.  Shame on you, Verizon, for spoiling my Thanksgiving with excessive charges. 

Your monthly charge is high enough already, Verizon. Give us a break so that I don't have to check and collect all electronic devices from my kids and grandkids at the door, just like they used to check firearms at bars in the Wild West.

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I wrote a letter to a high ranking employee of verizon explaining how we are in the world of streaming media; you-tube, netflix, hulu, skype etc. and how they just alienated every family of 4 because every kid in a family is going to want to use these services.  My problem is I live in a very out of the way spot up in the woods out of town and unless I want satellite internet which doesn't let me game very well I am kind of stuck with this internet as it works great, I just find myself having to shut off my modem sometimes during the month to make sure my wife or kids do not turn on there tablets and start downloading or watching a video.  I read an article on-line about how verizon wanted to compete against cable and DSL, that is why I originally wrote the letter to tell them they wont be able to with data caps.  Data caps are not a necessary evil as the CEO of verizon puts it to make sure the network stays running and no congestion.  Internet company here in town has millions of people on the  internet and it is very fast internet and they have no issues and they are unlimited.  Why I stay on Sprint for my cell phones, my service here with Sprint is fine and it is unlimited, unlimited means more to me than a coverage map.  I have never had a 3000 dollar like you but I hear ya as I stated above I turn off my modem during the month to make sure.  Turn on your data alerts I have mine set to 50%, 75%, and 90% so it emails me when my data reaches these spots.  As soon as I move out of where I am living I will be back on regular internet with no data cap, no incentive to keep using home fusion, not to mention the price, comcast intenet in town is 50 bucks a month for around 25 Mbps speed unlimited, this is about 3 Mbps speed and is 120 bucks a month and data capped.

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I have the 30GB Home Fusion plan and there is only two of us here. I just got an email saying we had used 75% of our data package and we have 12 days before the cycle starts again. That is just insane. We do not stream ANY movies!! We watch some youtube vids some but that is all. We still go over!. ..I have one iphone, the Home phone connect which is around 25 a month, and the Home Fusion wireless 30GB plan. $270 a month with overages. I am constantly looking for alternatives to Verizon. Sad to say......Been with them since they were Bell Atlantic.

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I have had the 30 GB plan  since May of 13.  I have exceeded the 3 times since we started but have been close many times.  I started the plan for the 4g service not dreaming I would ever go over the plan amount. 

On the morning of 1/7/14. I started receiving alerts that I was at 90%, then an hr later another alert that I was over! then I was over my 1st gb of usage then finally that I was over my 2nd gb of usage.   In all I had used 7.69 GB in 5 hrs at 12:30 in the morning.  EVERYONE WAS IN BED.  I have tried to speak to verizon on these overages but they keep telling me there is no way to check what device is using the data.  They are telling me I must have left something on.  I really do not like the grey areas in this plan and the lack of control. 

I have been a verizon customer since about 1992 but this has me  furious.  I am about one year from having other coverage in our area and I will be switching as soon as possible unless verizon makes this right. 

My plan before this was an 8 gb plan that we only exceeded a couple of times in over 3 years.  I have kept it as a backup because of inconsistent coverage and the overages.  The funny thing is I unplugged the Home Fusion on the 7th and started using the old device, this is the 12th and I have used less than 1 gb of additional data of this plan. 

Verizon needs to quickly correct these issue before they lose their customer base.  It seems they have gotten to large to service the single customer.

Just for info I spend about 370 a month between phones, tablets and internet.  One would think I should not have any overages with that bill.

Frustrated customer .........

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I hear ya. As soon as we move back into town im going back to cable. Its

cheaper, faster and I will never hit the 500gb cap I believe it is. I have

no other options right now where I live home fusion here for the 30gb cap

is 120 a month, its not that i need a super big cap but streaming anything

like you tube or other streaming video sites eat data quick if you watch in

hd. 4g should be the future instead verizon caps it so 4g is basically

useless. I use my sprint 4g since its unlimited and have the note 3 phone

and stream everything from it to my tv. Im basically using home fusion

just for my online games now since sat internet lags. An online article

said home fusion wanted to compete against cable and dsl but theres no way

it can with the price and the small cap, we live in a world of streaming

now and verizon wants to hold ppl back. I have good service with it here

just no incentive to stay on it.

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I agree with you completely. I have the 10GB monthly plan. I called

customer service and they explained this plan gets an automatic overage of

5GB per month at no additional charge, but no more, ever. For any overage

beyond 15GB the penalty is $10 per gig, which I had to pay.

We're in the sticks as well with no alternative service except HughesNet or

Dish (which is same equipment as HughesNet. HughesNet provided FREE overage

tokens each month. But we had to quit them as the service was too

unreliable and customer service did not speak English as a first language.

I cancelled service with HughesNet in September 2013, waited for return

equipment kit until December, 2013, returned the correct equipment they

requested, and saw that the tracking number indicated my successful return

of equipment in December, 2013. I kept receiving bills in October,

November. Now I am receiving emails indicating they have shipped me another

equipment return kit. So HughesNet is even worse that Verizon on customer


You're absolutely right - Verizon Home Fusion has rural customers over a

barrel on costs.

Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

Our entire neighborhood, 163 home switched to FUSION about a year or so ago.  I have heard nothing positive from anyone in our homeowners association; we have a common email group and exchange info, opinions and issues. We ran into a problem with our Fusion system on 28 Nov, Thanksgiving.  While we were asleep and not using our computers or downloading anyfiles (we don't do auto updates which is a very common Verizon excuse for excessive data use events nor do we download movies), our entire monthly data plan was used up between 12:33 AM and 6:33AM and it kept going AT ABOUT 1.2 gb PER HOUR.  We weren't home most of the day, out having Thanksgiving Dinner! By the end of the day after a series of emails and text notifications indicating that we were overrunning our data plan usage I called tech support thinking it would be a quick resolution.

To Tech Support I explained that our normal data usage .2- .3GB (that point 2 to point 3 not 2-3 GB) per day.  Suddenly while we were all asleep the FUSION system recorded almost 3 GB per hour. It continued to accumulate about 1.2 GB per hour until I turned it off later in the day.  I spoke to a Verizon Tech (Amanda) in Idaho call center and she acknowledged that it was clearly a FUSION technical issue. She promised to get to the bottom of it, but I have never heard from her again. Then I talked to Robert in the Dublin Ohio Call center and he concurred that there was clearly an issue.  He said he talked to two of their engineers and they were going to research the problem and assured me that one of them or he would call me back.  Never heard from them, I sent Robert an email (removed) but he again did not respond. Then I talked another Verizon Call Center Tech, Scott . He agreed that there was obviously an issue and promised to contact Robert to see what he found out and absolutely, cross my heart, will get back to you even if Robert doesn't.  Never heard from him.  (removed) Never heard from him. My last communications was on 6 Dec. Since then I have heard nothing; have stopped using the Fusion and reverted back to the MIFI which is working ok.  My data usage is about .2GB (that's point 2 GB) per day, about our normal.  From all the reports I see, the FUSION system is a product issue for Verizon and they do not want to acknowledge it.  If they did they would end up with a very big mess; how would they determine real usage from technical issues, so they continue to reap the benefits of excessively high charges.  Verizon is enjoying a windfall of revenue based on defective technology.  Verizon refuses to address the issue by simply not responding to customer complaints. I just got off the phone with a Tech in the Albuquerque call center, Albert (removed).  Albert assured me that his call center is noted throughout Verizon and one that responds to customers and gets to the bottom of their problems. Integrity and customer service!  He sent me an email to confirm our discussion or at least to confirm that we had a discussion. He said he was sending an email to Robert, Robert's boss and Robert's boss's boss as well as his own boss, Mike . He said give them til Friday (today is Monday) to look at the problem and they would absolutely, underlined, get back to me. That was on 30 December. I sent two follow-up emails but no response.   Verizon is one of those companies that is so large that they don't mind losing some customers because others will come.  AT&T and more so T-Mobile are seeing opportunity in drawing away some of their customer base.  In our neighborhood we have a "dump Verizon" party planned as soon as COMCAST finishes their installation.  None of us have has the slightest positive experience with Verizon.

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Re: Home Fusion Data Caps Issues

I have had no issues of over data usage and it has been a good service

especially since I live in the country up in the woods, but you are

absolutely correct about Comcast, as soon as we move back into town that is

who I am going back to. Comcast here is dumping all data caps here which

was almost 300gb a month now it will have no cap, it's 70 bucks a month and

way faster; so there is no incentive to stay with verizon plus I don't

have to worry about data caps; same reason my phone is on sprint,

unlimited means more to me than coverage and I use my phone to offset a

bunch of downloads I would normally do on my computer.