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How do I get a credit back after paying for the same month of service twice?

On December 23rd  I went in to the store to turn off service for one 9.99 line at the end of the 2year contract. Since I didn't need as many minutes I moved from 1400 shared to 900 just for my one line. I activated my new phone  for me that I had purchased online.  Seemed simple enough.  My billing date was the 19th, so I paid the bill on Jan 19th at the same rate that I had paid for the past 2 years as the Verizon employee explained.  When my next bill arrived in my email it was actually higher,not lower.  After spending an hour clicking through the pages I realized I had been billed for 12/20-1/19 twice. No big deal, I thought I would go into the store and get it credited. Not so!  Apparently the first billing was on the "old plan"  while the 2nd billing covered the same period on the "new plan."  Even though it was the same number, and the same primary, I was told I had to pay for the service twice because it was on two different "plans."  Three different Verizon employee all told me that was right-because I changed plans, 3 days into my billing cycle, I have to pay for the same service twice. After nearly 10 years with Verizon, it is inconceivable to me that the company would not credit my account the 2nd service charge.

I'm ready to pay the early termination and move to another service provider.

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Re: How do I get a credit back after paying for the same month of service twice?
Verizon Employee

Hi meme2,

Conflicting bills can be very frustrating, especially when the bill is higher than what you anticipated.  Your monthly bill is always billed a month in advance but It seems like your bill was prorated due to the plan change made in the middle of the bill cycle. When a bill is prorated, you receive a credit for the days you were not on the old plan within the month, a charge for the days on the new plan within the month and your normal month in advance charge.

Additionally, the minutes are prorated as well within the billing cycle, which may cause potential overages if you exceed the prorated minute allowance.  I would be happy to review your bill and identify what transpired. At your convenience please DM your wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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