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How to avoid EFT

Can anyone help me figure a way to port my current phone numbers to another carrier, without having to pay the ETF to Verizon?  I am thinking about getting the lease expensive plan from Verizon, until my contract ends, then just dropping them. I want to know if I do that will I be able to port the numbers, before I change plans? Will I have to add 2 new lines, then port the numbers from the old lines? I'm just asking, because I HATE talking to the customer service reps. They don't always give correct information, then they act like they are doing you a favor by listening to you. We have been with Verizon over 15 years, but enough is enough!

Verizon does not appreciate loyal customers, and I have gotten too old to put up with the smart mouth know nothing reps. Loyalty doesn't mean what it used to mean. I can certainly understand why so many customers are going to other carriers. Verizon is the most expensive, the customer service is the worst, the phones aren't that great, and phone service isn't as good as it used to be.

Re: How to avoid EFT
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Aint America great to be able to choose the best provider to fit your needs?

Porting will result in ETF;s plain and simple. You do not say how many lines, what the phones are or how long is left on the contracts for each device, so it is hard to offer suggestions,.

If you are asking about adding two new lines to your VZW account and then port the other two, you will have two ETF's and 2 new two year contracts to deal with.

Well, based on  surveys ATT has the worst CS, Phone wise all companies are about the same, and not all that many customers are leaving as the churn rate for VZW is the lowest in the industry.

Care to state what the issues are?

Re: How to avoid EFT

It seems the issue is that CSR's get ticked when people treat them like dirt. Go figure.