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Incorrectly billed for data?

I've been billed for data for an LG Env3 since Dec. 2009. I was told a data plan was required. Originally it was $9.99 a month. I made a change to my account in 2010 and the rep told me I had to get the $15 dollar a month data plan because the $9.99 plan was discontinued on that phone. At that time I had the data blocked on that line (the line is for a child). But I was told I still have to pay $15 per month. So, no data has been used since 2010, but I've been paying $15 per month for data. Others on these forums said they don't have to pay for data for an LG Env3. Did verizon overcharge me all these months?

Re: Incorrectly billed for data?
Sr. Member

No, but things have changed. You no longer require a data package for that phone

I would call and get it removed if you arent using it