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I have a whole huge situation with Verizon that happened in January that is completely separate from this one. However I just called Verizon today and spoke with a very nice girl who basically had to give me the unfortunate news that what I was told by a representative at the end of January was a complete lie. I have had the Verizon loyalty 20gb plan for some time now and we were about to go over our data in January which had never happened before so I called in to see if I could switch to unlimited tempoararily and go back to my 20gb plan later. We just needed more data for a short period of time because of traveling. She said of course we could do that as long as we switched back to our loyalty (20gb) plan within 50 days. I verified 5-0 not 1-5 and she said yes that’s correct. And I even asked to double check that even though the plan was no longer available that it will still be possible to switch back. She confirmed yes it will still be possible on my account within 50 days because I had previously had the plan. Well sure enough I called back today to switch back well within the 50 days and the girl I spoke with tells me I apologize but it’s just not possible to do that.... the representative should have done ‘xyz’ To make sure you got your plan back. I’m tired of being lied to by this company. I’m so so tired of it. Next week I’m calling at&t. I’m really upset about this

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