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A friend of mine called Verizon because he thought that their data usage was higher than it was supposed to be.  He wondered if the MiFi was logging Local Area Network activity such as a Network Hard drive or a Network Printer.  The answer was that it logs all data including any data between LAN components.  If, for example, you transfer a file from one computer to another computer through the MiFi, you get charged for that data usage.  If you have an automatic backup through a network drive that is attached to the MiFi, you get charged for that data usage.  I would like to know if this is true and if it is, it seems to me that this would be a totally unfair charge of data.  I personally do a lot of browsing throughout the internet and I also have a network hard drive but I use a real router in my Local Area Network and connect my router to the MiFi through a bridge.  This guarantees that any data that reaches the MiFi is strictly internet data and not related to my LAN.  I have never gone over my 5 GB of bandwidth but I also do not stream video's or update my maps for my Garmin which takes about 2.5 GB of data to update.  If you have excess data usage for no reason, I bet you are using a network drive connected to the MiFi or you are transferring lots of data between two different computers connected to the MiFi. 

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