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Mobile web getting slower & slower

Bottom line: Since Verizon is failing to meet its obligations, "How do I get out of a bad contract".


I have had Verizon mobile web for almost 3 years. 3G, 720 modem.  I live in a rural area.


It was pretty good in the beginning, speeds of 500-800K etc., & I was happy with that. Then Verizon started limiting my speeds when I went over 5G of data (my plan says unlimited but I bet they hear that every day). Not happy with that, but I got used to it.


Now my speeds seem to be stuck in the 100-200K range. Often less than 50K (dial-up range!) and rarely over 300k. A new provider is in town and I want to switch. Not because they are cheaper (they're not) but because they are local and responsive.


So, how do I cancel this contract without paying a $150 fee. My wife used my modem's free equipment upgrade on her cell phone last year.  No one told her that the MODEM contract would be renewed.  Oh well.


I plan to stay with Verizon for cell service (family plan for 10 years?)  Just want to eject the modem.   Any ideas.

Re: Mobile web getting slower & slower
Verizon Employee

Good morning mcalpine9,

In today's wireless world, responsive internet access is almost mandatory for maximum efficiency. May I ask is your concern with a wireless device or a landline/DSL modem? Based on your original posting, it sounds like you have a USB modem or a mobile hotspot device, which are wireless devices. May I ask what make & model device are you using for internet access? Also, what operating system are you using? Please provide the city & state that you are in? This way, I can check for any network concerns in your ares. I have taken the liberty to post some steps for your to try to assist in slow internet speeds. They are as follows:

  • Check VZ Access Manager and device software version.
  • Verify signal status. (4G, 3G, 1x).
  • Ensure that SIM card is properly installed. (4G devices)
  • Clear browser cache, temporary files, web form information, and cookies.
  • Restart the computer and the modem.
  • Terminate any running background application(s)
  • Confirm and update anti-virus software.

There are several factors that effect internet speeds. Some of which are time of day and location. If you are using a laptop then I encourage you to try the connection in another location. Also, try the connectivity speeds at a later time, like after 9PM, to compare results. Once you have tried the steps and suggestions above then please reply with your findings for additional assistance.

Thank you...