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My take on the Family Share Data Plans!!!

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I know most are against the shared plans, but I think they are just poorly implementing it. The device charges are fine for the line charge, but I would have liked to see some data included (like 1 GB per smartphone, 100 MB per feature phone line). In my case, I have five lines (1 unlimited, 1 2GBsmartphone, and 3 feature phones. I pay $215/month for everything now (including taxes). Under the new plan, it would cost $170 ($40 each smartphones, $30 each feature) plus taxes (we'll say $20). To add even 1 GB would bump it to $220 plus taxes, thus costing me more than the current plan without even matching the 2GB per smartphone that would be the minimum needed. Bumping up to 4GB would bring the bill to $240 plus taxes. Under my idea, I would have 2.3 GB for less than what I spend now. If I added 2GB more, than I would be paying $230 plus taxes ( a slight increase that I could swallow. It would also encourage the smartphone upgrade because for the $40/month you get a taste of data with it.

I know I would consider more smartphone lines if there was a more reasonable option. Five smartphone lines using my current plan would be $305 (with 2GB per line allotted). After Thursday, it would be $300 (plus taxes) for the same 10GB allotment. Under my proposal, $250 plus taxes - I know they don't want to save people money, but getting more people into 4G smartphones helps them out and encourages families to get smartphones for kids, etc. and at least feel like they're getting a better deal, instead of being bent over a chair.

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Re: My take on the Family Share Data Plans!!!

I think the only people who the shared plans make sense for are people who need lots of talk time or have been previously duped into paying for data service for tablets.  I think the average user is against the new plans.