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No cell signal in or around office. Issue related to having no "true" Verizon service

Hello everyone,

I live in Hagerstown, MD. Probably one of the worst cities to have Verizon service in. The issue is that there is no "true" Verizon service in this city. Verizon pays US Cellular to use their towers. There is no way to activate a phone within the city, you cannot dial 411, and there are "dead" spots all around where the service either doesn't exist or is minimal. On top of all of this, there is no 3G service whatsoever!! If I lose 4G service, it goes straight to 1x (2G service). You cannot purchase any 3G phones in this area because they will not work at 3G speed.

If you go 5 miles in any direction, there is Verizon service in those areas. Only within the city limits are the service run on non verizon towers.

This recently became more of a problem than it was. I moved into a building for work (1 mile from my previous location) where I cannot get cell signal. If I go outside the building about 200 feet I can get 1 bar, and it bounces between 1 bar and no signal. Inside the building, there is no signal. There are a few of us that work in this building who have Verizon and we all experience the exact same issue.

I have 3 phones on my contract, but my line is the only one I need to change to a new provider. God forbid something would happen to my 4 year old daughter and I wouldn't be able to get the call. When someone calls my line while I am at work the phone does not ring, there is no indication that a call came in, and the voicemail indicator does not go off until I am about .25 miles away from the area in which I work.  I have spoke to Verizon technicians about this issue and they have recommended a network extender. However, being in IT I know that a network extender would not work because you can't rebroadcast a signal that isn't there to start with. I don't feel that I should be held responsible for the early termination fees for this line, when it is an issue with coverage and signal.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can cancel my one line without paying $330 in early termination fees?

Re: No cell signal in or around office. Issue related to having no "true" Verizon service

More people have documented issues in this area at the following link: