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Not getting data service in Puerto Rico

Hi, I got to Puerto Rico a couple of days ago and have not been able to get any data on my Samsung Fascinate. Phone calls and texts work and it shows I've got 1x coverage. However, only the up arrow ever lights up and not the down arrow, and no data apps work. Is there anything I can do to get this going? My coworkers have a DINC and blackberry both on verizon and they're getting 1x data without issues...


Re: Not getting data service in Puerto Rico

That certainly is a strange issue! In Purto Rico, you will roam on Puerto Rico Telephone's CDMA network - last time I was there it was all 1x (which it still is today) and data worked fine, albeit extremely slow.


I assume you have tried powercycling your phone? If you still don't have data access and your friends phones do, call VZW Tech support and have them look into this (although you probably don't want to spend time on your vacation on the phone with VZW :smileywink:

Re: Not getting data service in Puerto Rico
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Cj1171, thank you for your inquiry. The previous poster is correct, you should be able to use Puerto Rico's extended network while there. I am not sure if you are still there, but one thing you want to check is to make sure your Data Roaming is turned on. Go to Settings, Wireless & Networks, Mobile Networks. Make sure Data Roaming enabled. Again, as the previous poster stated, try power cycling your phone.