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Plan Rate Adjustment Single listed as a add-on? NOT!

I can't say i wasn't warned. I knew that Verizon was going to penalize me for not upgrading to an unlimited plan. But to list it as a add-on and not a tax? Verizon is using the current state of the economy to excuse this aggressive push towards unlimited plans that cost more. For people like me, who don't use a lot of mobile data, to switch over that would be a financial boon for Verizon. However, for those of us smart enough to see it for what it is we are being penalized, because we didn't lap up the sales pitch like hungry puppies. Now you have a very small idea of what a Socialist country is like to live in. "Do as we say or we will hurt you". Verizon hit back in the only way they can.

I don't blame the agents we talk to. They're just doing their jobs and they're probably not being given sufficient information in order to explain the punishment in a way that doesn't make them sound like (insert your preferred description here). They need their jobs and have to abide. I get it.

I would threaten to switch companies as well, but I've come to realize that they all work the same even when they say they don't. But beware Verizon, one day there will be a company that upstages you in my eyes and I too shall be gone. 

Re: Plan Rate Adjustment Single listed as a add-on? NOT!
Customer Support

Hello victoriak68,


My personal plan had a rate change as well as I'm on an older grandfathered plan. Taxes are charges placed on your service by your state and local government. The plan rate adjustment is not a tax so it wouldn't be charged as a tax. As operational costs increase, older plans saw an increase to help align them. We would be happy to review our current plan options for something that would fit you better. How many lines of service do you have? What plan are you on right now?



Re: Plan Rate Adjustment Single listed as a add-on? NOT!

@victoriak68   Single line?  And how much are you paying for service?

And phone installments?

Verizon‘s basic unlimited plan is $65, all in, for one line.  
Or switch to prepaid 5 gig plan starts at $40, but goes DOWN in the following months.  If you want to switch to prepaid go to a corporate store.  
I have used prepaid in the past, I was actually able to purchase refill cards at a discount and load them onto my prepaid account to save even more money. What do you lose on prepaid yes some of the freedom that comes with the roaming plans that are available for postpaid, and you have to buy your own phone, installments are not an option through the provider.  However that does not exclude you from purchasing with installments from google, Samsung, Motorola and Apple