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Feel your pain.

I spent time trying to look into the nee droids and Im one of those customers who still has an unlimted data plan and then two phones for my hubby and kid.,...I work for a big comp company and I wanted to swtch my discount plan since i swithced companies...but all the person did was tell me how much it would cost to switch and never offered an alternative.

I waited, knowing they are busy, and then she (he) tells me to wait and allow them to repsond....then they never did...when I asked for help, and advice, i was completly ignored...I asked HELLO twice...then chose to email my transcript to myself...once I did they they closed the window on me without asking me if I was done, or if she could do anything for me!  OMG

and now I am trying to email the chat window to support, but theres no adddy out there...only CHAT--which is BUSY and which we see is all about sales!

WTH???  then i see all these forums full of unhappy customers complaining about the chat, the upgrade process, the switch, etc...

I dont want to be forced to share my plan if I have to loose my unlimited. AND then Pay an additional 40 a phone for it? As opposed to the 10 a line for shared minutes?

WOW VZ whats up withya?