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SLOW 3G speeds in New York CIty (All over the city/and outer boroughs)

I dont know if this is an isolated issue with me, but i have an iPhone 4, my 3G sucks! not only in midtown, all over the place, maps barely works. I used to have ATT and my speed was like 1.5mb most of the time, but on verizon i get like .3, or .4 never seen it go above that. ANybody experienceing slow data in NYC? I knew it was not going to be as fast as att, but these speeds are ridiculus, my 56k modem is faster..


Now i have one of those unlimited plans. I was wondering if verizon is INTENTIONALLY slowing the people that have unlimited plans in order to "manage its network better" Anybody have slow 3g on a tier data plan?

Re: SLOW 3G speeds in New York CIty (All over the city/and outer boroughs)
Verizon Employee

Hello Yujin,


I understand your concern over the slow data speeds in your area and I apologize for the delayed response.  I did not see any alerts around the time you posted or currently.  How long have you had the new device? Have you compared with anyone else that has an iPhone or any other Smartphone on Verizon?  You mentioned the Maps app but are the web browsing speeds slow as well? Were you using an app to test those speeds? How strong was the signal when you were running the tests?  I am very interested in troubleshooting the connection speed further.