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Skype eats my anytime minutes by calling 4049418599 number, how to solve this?

For unknown reason my skype calls are using  4049418599 to call my skype contacts and it uses my anytime minutes.

Called 611 three times, they said it's impossible.

But it already happened .


So, I'm using "Skype Mobile by Verizon" application on my Motorola Droid 2.

I'm making sype to skype international call. I'm not using my phone contacts list.

To make a call I open skype mobile application, choose skype contact and make a call.

Call goes to that 404 number.


According to question #3 on this page:

It should not use my anytime minutes, but it does.

I can see that in my verizon by clicking "View Call Details" link.


This call

11/14/2011 12:00 PM 4049418599 45 ATLANTA

is under "Peak" usage type.


Spoke to tech support, they suggested to uninstall skype application and install it again.

It's impossible, because "uninstall" option is not available for this application, skype was pre-installed on my phone.

Another suggestion was to clear the application data, and not import contacts from my phone next time skype asks for it.

I did exactly like I was told.


But it still goes through  4049418599 number.


Can somebody from Verizon officials explain me what's going on?

Using skype was one of the reasons to switch to verizon.

And after reading FAQ section on verizon web-site i was sure it will be free.

But looks like it's not.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

Re: Skype eats my anytime minutes by calling 4049418599 number, how to solve this?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

My question is are you calling an international number OR a U.S. number of someone overseas???  I would think the latter would result in a use of minutes.