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Splitting Family Plan and billing

Right now we have 5 phones on a Family Share plan. We'd like to split 2 of the phones off onto their own plan. Right now all the phones are payed up to the middle of next month. When we talked to a person at the Verizon store while upgrading a couple of the lines he said to wait until the end of the billing cycle because it would screw up the bills on the set of 3 remaining phones. It didn't make a lot of sense, so I called customer service and the lady on the phone said that we could split the 2 lines off at anytime. The new plan with the 2 lines would start their own billing cycle while the 3 lines remaining on the current plan would be reimbursed for the prorated amount for the overage on payment of the 2 lines that were lost, but that this wouldn't effect the billing cycle for the phones that are staying on the current plan. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed the case? The person at the store made it sound like by splitting the lines off now instead of at the beginning of the next billing cycle that everything would be prorated and that it would really mess up all the billing cycles. I was worried that the plan with the 3 remaining lines would get charged twice in this scenario. Thanks for you're help.

Re: Splitting Family Plan and billing
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Are either of the two lines being split off the "primary" line?  That could potentially affect prorated minutes allotments, if the primary goes away and another primary takes it's place.  Are you lowering the amount of minutes due to the lower number of lines sharing the plan?  That, too, could affect the pro-rating allowances on the remaining lines.

Making plan changes, and minutes/text allowance changes is usually better done at the beginning of a billing cycle.  Pro-rating is confusing, misunderstood, and many times results in extra, unanticipated charges.