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Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

All of the sudden I am getting over 5 spam calls a day. In fact, I now block all incoming phone calls because of this. Same with my wife; her number is getting 6-8 calls a day now of spam. I have no idea what we can do to stop this but how is it that these people are able to randomly generate the phone number they are calling from as another person's cellphone number is irritating me; but the area code and prefix always match my number. My wife stated they used to do that to her but now they are calling over and over again from random international numbers.

There has to be something that verizon can do to block these calls or phone switches where these originate from. I should not have to change my phone number of 12 years just because of this.

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Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls
Customer Support

JOEBEN33, I can understand the frustration when trying to stop these spam calls. Thanks for reaching out to us here. I went through a similar situation myself awhile back. The best course of action would be for you to change your mobile number, I'm sorry. There is an alternative option by going to the "National do not call registry". Most people have done this step including myself and it didn't work to well. These spam calls usually generate if you use your mobile number to sign up for something, whether in a store or online. It is hard to keep blocking these numbers when they call from a different # every time. Hence, why it's best to change your number to make this pain stop. I know that isn't the answer you wanted to hear but it is the best solution. 


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Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

I also have the same issue and don't have any plans of changing my number I've had for years. I use the app powered by White Pages called Hiya. It is for Android and Apple, it tells you if the call has been reported as spam as soon as your phone starts ringing. Some calls it will even block for you if it's been confirmed spam. It helps combat this issue quite a bit!

Hope this helps!

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

The best solution.......

Don't answer calls with Unknown Name and Number.  If you answer you are flagged to called again by SPAMMERs.

I too am having the same problem with SPAM numbers with the same prefix.

Some of these numbers I can return their call and a person answers the phone.  I tell them that I am returning their phone call and their response is the same as that I didn't call you.

I use HIYA to block SPAM calls and I have my number on the federal do not call list.  All of which, help.  But I can't block every number with the same prefix that is legitimately identified to a person.

I think that the calls that hang up are PHISHING calls to see if it is a legitimate user.  If it is, they use the ID and hijack it to be displayed when the spam calls are made to a different user.

Oh, and the SPAM calls with the same prefix and and that I answer, they advertise, warranty renewal.

It upsets me that Verizon does not answer..... other than "Change Your Number"

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

I've been inundated by the same thing...all "local" numbers with nearly the same phone number as my own. The one time I answered it was supposedly for "healthcare". I'm disturbed that Verizon has no control over their own phone numbers being hacked by spammers to trick people....very sad and unnerving. If I do end up having to change my phone number, I won't continue with Verizon.

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

Verizon does have control over their numbers being hacked, but that’s not the issue you’re experiencing. This issue going on occurs when a  caller is spoofing their caller ID display number.

It it is up to you to decide if you want to keep or change your number with Verizon or with another provider, but keep in mind that no carrier can prevent a third party caller from altering their caller ID display number so switching networks won’t help prevent the issue.

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

Me too, and it started immediately after porting my number to Verizon from T-Mobile in Nov 2017 (t-mo sucked for reception, but basically no spam callers). The marketers always use a local exchange too, so that you're more inclined to answer the unknown number. (I see from the last reply they are spoofing their number) This seems to be either Verizon purposefully encouraging telemarketers, or inadvertently allowing access to their clients numbers.

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

I too have recently last 2 months been receiving phishing and spam call. I have approximately 40+ numbers of someone calling pretending to be from the Insurance Commission on a problem with a payment and wanting info. The biggest one is JOE from the Social Security Disability Administration saying this is a recorded line and can I hear him. Of course I have been hanging up and now not answering the phone unless it is someone leaving a message or from my contacts. Still don't understand WHY Verizon won't do something about our security using their services. It is very annoying and guess in the long will have to change number. Don't give any information to the callers.

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

I too had the same issue after switching to Verizon from TMobile. Both my wife and I started to get all those calls. I find that very suspicious.

Re: Suddenly spam calls outnumber real calls

No Verizon, this is unacceptable.

Verizon along with Comcast and other communication and internet companies lobbied congress through ALEC to pass laws allowing Internet providers to shut down your service if copyrighted content is downloaded.

Yet no such effort is made to address spam calls that cost Americans billions of dollars each year. These calls are highly effective against the elderly. My friend who is disabled from a brain injury was scammed out of $3000 by a threatening call claiming to be from the IRS. She has no way to recover this money.

If customers begin leaving Verizon (or reducing their services while under contract) enough that it has a significant impact on their bottom line, then maybe Verizon will put some real effort into combatting this problem more than posting an online contest WHAT A JOKE

People are reporting that Team Mobile doesn't have this issue with spam. With my phone becoming virtually unusable due to the frequent and persistent calls, I'm very willing to try. I encourage everyone to try a non-Verizon provider since Verizon doesn't take this issue seriously enough to put in as much investment and effort as they put into lobbying congress to act against their own customers.