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Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

I have seen some discussions similar to my question, but I would like to get an exact answer to be totally sure.

I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on my 4G Galaxy Nexus.

I recently called to see if I could add the mobile hotspot feature without losing my unlimited data.

I was told they could add it for $30 more a month so I opted to do this.

I asked the woman if it was unlimited mobile hotspot she said it was 5GB.

I logged onto my account today to make sure the feature was added, etc, and saw nothing about the data having a 5GB cap, in fact, it said;

Using your 4G LTE Smartphone, share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi-enable devices. No additional drivers or software necessary

This gives me the impression that the hotspot is unlimited on tethered devices.

I just want to clear it up as to if I have unlimited hotspot or not, I don't want to end up getting hit with overage charges accidentally.

If anyone could clear this up for me that would be great, just so I have an exact answer to my situation.

Re: Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
Verizon Employee

Hello Equizotical,

Thank you for reaching out for clarification on this issue. We have a variety of options for customers to access the internet and the mobile hotspot is one of the most popular ways. Congrats on being grandfathered into the unlimited data package on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I'm sure you understand how much of a hot commodity unlimited data is in today's wireless world. In order for me to confirm what features are active on your account I would need your full name, mobile number, and account number to check for you. If you can send me a direct message with this information along with your inquiry then I can  it would be my pleasure to provide clarification.

Thank you...


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Re: Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

You should probably call Customer Service and get confirmation on which data package you currently have.  Yes the limit is 5GB, so if you have the mobile hotspot feature on your line, its likely your data package got swapped for a limited one.  If thats what happened, you have a limited window of time to call in and have it put back on.