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Upgraded wrong phone number; now locked into 2 more years!

I have been a Verizon customer for close to 10 years or more.  I have had up to 4 different devices on my plan at a time.  I recently remarried and moved to NC.  I kept my old AZ phone number because I have clients in AZ who still use that number.  I also got another phone with a NC area code, intending to transition my business here.  I had forgotten that I had given my husband the upgrade on my phone some time ago, so my contract with the AZ phone was not to expire till October, 2012.  I broke my AZ phone, and went to Verizon wanting to upgrade and get a new phone.  I also told the salesman that I wanted to disconnect my NC phone, which the contract had already expired on because I never used it and my family and clients still called me on the AZ phone. The salesman sold me the Lucia phone and said he would have to charge me $450 for that phone because I was still under contract for the old phone.  I asked why he couldn't take the available upgrade for the NC number and transfer it to the AZ phone, since there were just a couple of months left on that contract.  He said he couldn't do that, so he put the new phone on the NC contract and now I'm locked into another 2 years for a phone that I never use!!  On top of that, he charged me a $30 "Upgrade Fee".  WHY?  I  told him I always put my phone in my handbag, so I didn't need any of the holders he showed me.  When I got home, I realized that he had put 3 more items in the bag (2 holders, a car charger)  that totalled another $70+.  Nobody suggested that I use my insurance to get the phone repaired and wait till October to upgrade at no cost.  Needless to say, I am totally "cell phone unaware".  So with access fee, insurance, and taxes, I am paying over $24/month for a phone that is totally useless!   I went to Verizon wanting (a) to disconnect a phone that was out of contract that I do not use; and (b) to get a new phone to replace the broken phone.  Surely there was a better way to take care of a loyal customer than to make me feel resentful about this whole deal.  Perhaps I should give a homeless person the gift of a phone with the guarantee of 2 years paid?