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Using 4g lte broadband router with voice - without voice

I purchased. the 4g lte broadband router with voice a bit less than 2 weeks ago.  I found pretty quickly that my data consumption went through the roof.  Nothing was different at home.  I thought maybe the voice service was using data.  This is where it gets messy.  I called Verizon and terminated the voice service.

The data consumption dropped drastically.  All was well until Saturday morning a few days after we had terminated the voice service.  We couldn't connect to the internet any longer.  Eventually we COULD connect, but the browser went to Verizon's site, and we were asked to create a new Verizon account for our "Tablet".  We were using two different laptops, our smartphones, and an ipad2.  When we clicked the Create Account button, we were offered the opportunity to add our "Tablet" to our plan at a charge of $30/mo for each device.  Somewhere along the line I was offered the opportunity to call customer service for help.  I did so, and the customer service person was very good.  She explained, however, that I can't use the device without the voice service activated.

Community/Verizon - Is this true?  If so, I'll return the device tomorrow. 

I need a device that includes a LAN port that can remain operating 24/7.  Is there such a Verizon device?  I'm using a competitor's 4glte USB device connected directly to a router at another home and it works great, but it would be nice to stay with Verizon.

Thanks for the advice!

Re: Using 4g lte broadband router with voice - without voice
Customer Support


I understand your concern and why you're asking this; we need to make sure you received correct information. The plan will depend on how many lines are on the account and if there are any smartphones. Do you have any smartphones on the account? Do you know the name of the plan you have?

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Re: Using 4g lte broadband router with voice - without voice

Thanks for asking, Ada!

I believe I'm on a More Everything plan.  We have two smartphones on the plan sharing 12gb of data.  Since disconnecting the phone/router, we're only using about 2% of our data allowance per day.  Prior to disconnecting, we had gone through 40% of our allowance in about a week.

I guess I'm a bit disappointed that the Verizon rep didn't disclose that I would lose data access once the voice component was discontinued.  It wouldn't have affected my decision, as the router with voice uses way too much data.


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Re: Using 4g lte broadband router with voice - without voice

We have used the the 4G LTE Router w/voice for about 3 weeks now.  We have a phone connected for home use.  When we first got the router I set it up with 12 gig and the router was burning through that at a fast pace.  Since I had a DSL before I had to reassess my processes running on my Desktop.  Stopped Carbonite and all other programs that tapped my connection at a constant rate.  We don't watch movies or stream anything from the web, but I do read all of my news from there.  At the present time... we are using about .50 to .75 gig a day.

The phone does not make a difference as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps...

Re: Using 4g lte broadband router with voice - without voice

Just to follow up,

The broadband router worked out great as internet connection to the home automation system in a vacant house I was remodeling.  The automation system monitored all exterior doors as well as temperature.

I ended up forwarding the phone portion of the system to my personal cell phone.

I'm not sure what resolved the data overages, but the entire data load generated by the home automation system was less than 0.2 gb per month.  I'll use the same Verizon broadband router on my next home remodeling effort!