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VZW Calls To Specific Range Of Numbers Fail

Hello All,

I am experiencing an odd situation which I have confirmed for a few other VZW users, though not all VZW users I have checked with experience the problem.  There is a range of local numbers (all starting with the same three number prefix) which is used for a University I work with that when called from many, but not all, Verizon Wireless phones return the following recording:

"Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again. Announcement 4."

The call completes without an issue from a non-Verizon wireless phone (i.e., AT&T or TMobile) as well as a from a land line.  There is no issue calling any other numbers either in same town as this range or long distance.  Calls from this number range come through without issue.  Can also use Google Voice on these phones to call the problem number range without issue

I have done the following to try and resolve the issue with no change:

  • Tried dialing 1+Area Code+number, Area Code+number and just the number as it is a local.
  • Powered off the phone, waited 5 minutes, powered on.
  • Turned 'Advanced Calling' off/on.
  • Turned 'Dial Assist' off/on.
  • Turned off/on WiFi Calling.
  • Attempted calling from numerous different areas in a couple hundred mile radius in case there was something quirky with VZW towers in a certain area.
  • Ejected and reinserted SIM.
  • Performed #832 test call which had no issues.
  • Though the issue is with making calls, confirmed no numbers with this prefix are blocked.
  • On one phone performed a factory reset then called numbers in this range before installing anything and still get the recording.

I have tried to work on this via VZW phone support, in-store support and chat with a sizable amount of hours spent and no resolution.  I do get a lot of "that is odd" statements but no solution.  I am hoping someone here will have a A-HA moment and be able to point me in a good direction.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: VZW Calls To Specific Range Of Numbers Fail
Customer Support

We deeply apologize that you are having the experience when calling those numbers, TheCarsForever. We have sent you a Private Message, we want to help in any way we can. Please respond to that message going forward.


Re: VZW Calls To Specific Range Of Numbers Fail

This turned out to be a fairly simple solution and appreciate VZW reaching out to help.  These phones have caller ID blocked by default and calling with a *82 prefix allowed the call to complete.  I am sure the University was getting hit by spam/spoofed calls so decided to block incoming calls without caller ID.

Getting the fairly cryptic Verizon recording as opposed to the more common "this number does not allow blocked calls" had us believing there was something larger going on.  If we had heard the more common type of recording we would have known immediately what the snag was.  Either way, glad to have found a solution and really do appreciate the help!