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Validation Process

I work for a very large company nation wide. We have cell phone services for service techs and managers for over 7,900 employees. One of the nice benefits Verizon offers is if you have a corporate account you can get a family discount. Three or four years back we decided to go from Sprint to Verizon. Here is where my nightmare started. About a month back I got a letter in the mail from Verizon stating they need a employment validation by sending them a resent pay check stub. They also had a pre paid envelope for returning this private info. I went on line and printed up my pay check stub and mailed it back to them. A few weeks later I get another notice stating I need to redo this again. They LOST if or can't find it. This time I decide to send them a Jfile. After all the private info was sent they stated they were unable to process because they couldn't see my employers name. Now what blows my mind is when I talked with them I said I could give them our corporate employee verification  number. I was informed they can't dial out. Then I said I could do a three phone hook up with out local HR. That was no good. I also said they should be able to look up my corporate phone number and that would show it was assigned to me. That was no good. Finally after they put me on hold twice and never came back I decided to write a letter Verizon Corporate Head Quarters in New York. My question has anyone else had to go through something like this because I have just about gave up on this nightmare. Another thing that really bothers me is where all this ID theft that is going on in our country, how can Verizon loose a customers private information not once but twice.

Re: Validation Process
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

I would be upset about having to do this a third time, too. In today's day and age, it's not safe to "lose" personal information.

Both times I validated it went smoothly. The first time, to initially get the discount, I brought the paycheck stub into a corporate store and they took care of it. Can you do that? I don't remember if they kept it, but I believe I blacked out my account and SS numbers.

The second time, to validate after two years, I sent the file electronically, like you did. But I scanned just the top portion -- showing name, company, employee number, pay amount and date -- and made sure it was all clearly legible before attaching and sending. Verizon confirmed it within a few days.

Re: Validation Process
Customer Support

This should certainly be an easy process and I want this to be resolved as soon as possible! You can validate your employment online here or at a corporate Verizon Wireless store location. If you need any additional assistance please accept my follow request, follow me and send me a direct message with your mobile number. Thank you.

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