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***Announcement: We’re excited to inform you that we will be merging the Fios and Wireless Communities to a unified Verizon Community with a new look and feel throughout. If you are interested in what specifically has changed, please see the New Revamped Community article under the Featured Topics.***
Verizon: Shooting themselves in the foot

I've had the same phone since I began with Verizon nearly two years ago. I have tried to get another phone because this one is bad in so many ways. The Bluetooth does not work. The voice command system does not work. You can say "Call Bob" and it will repeat "Calling Josephine" or something totally unlike the name. I've even had it begin accessing the Internet while using a voice command trying to auto-dial from a Bluetooth earpiece. Now why in the world would anyone ever try to access the Internet on a phone using voice? Are you also going to surf the Net with voice? Unlikely. The buttons are even mislabeled. The screen has always been so dim as to be impossible to see outdoors and now it is impossible to see indoors. I can't even tell who is calling me unless I open the phone to see the color display.

As I said, I've "tried" to get a replacement, but Verizon wants me to renew another 2-year contract if I do. No way. I'm already paying far too much for a basic plan without data and without text messaging. Other companies, even without contracts, offer unlimited text and data for the same price or less. So I have to buy the phone? Whoopty Doo. I can buy basic phones from them for $29, Android phones for under $100. Verizon wants me to renew a contract or pay $400 for a new phone. So, instead of keeping a customer, they drive them to another carrier. And all you ever hear about cellular companies is that they make their money on the airtime.

So I have a 1-1/2 months left to go with my display-less, mislabeled, non-working Bluetooth & voice command phone, then it's goodbye, Verizon.

Just thought you should know why I'm leaving.