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Way to start family share plan with 4 lines

Im extrememly new to this & right now I would like to start a family share plan with 4 lines. Will I be able to get 4 smartphones at a discounted price? I heard that you if you want 3 lines there has to be 1 basic phone along with 2 smartphones & 2 basic 2 smart for a plan of 4. I need a little confromation since it was really hard looking for info on my exact wants online. Also right now I'm already on a grandfathered family plan with a friend but I don't mind paying the ETF since the line was suspended last month & my friend won't be able to pay the bill pillage until next month(I have paid my portion of the bill for this month also even though it wasn't enough to reconnect the lines) & I can't deal with not having a phone any longer! Yes my phone is a necessity since I don't have a home phone. Will I be able to keep my number? Sorry if this post is all over the place.

Re: Way to start family share plan with 4 lines

whos name is the other plan in?

you may be able to do an AOL for the line you have there, if you want to keep the number.

If you dont AOL it then you cant keep it

as to how to start a plan, just go into any vzw store and talk to a sales person

yes you can have all smartphones

Re: Way to start family share plan with 4 lines
Not applicable

I'm not sure where you heard about a basic phone requirement because that is false.

If you are a new customer then yeah you get the phones at a discount. You would be a new customer if you were under someone else's plan I assume. Whose name was the account under?

4 smartphones would be $160 in "line access" charges monthly. Then you have to chose how much data you will need.