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activation fees for upgrading

I know I upgraded online, which is the only place they told me I could a "free phone", but at the end hit me with a new as of April fee of $30 for UPGRADING.  An upgrade fee? Really?  My free 2 year upgrade turned into a FEE upgrade! And since I ordered it online hopefully I actually like it because if I wanted to return it, it would be another $35 for a restocking fee!  As if it isn't bad enough you have to have a minimum $30 data plan on all the good phones now you have to charge us for being loyal customers and staying with the company!   It used to be if you had a monthly plan you got the better deals, now people are paying $40 a month for smartphones with unlimited everything! It doesn't seem fair to those of us who have been long time customers of Verizon.  Oh, I was also told there is "No one and no way to waive the $30 upgrade fee". Nice!

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Re: activation fees for upgrading

There are several existing threads (for example Re: $30 Upgrade Fee! ) going with this topic.  Did we need another one?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.