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global phone plan

I'm studying abroad in London and I have a blackberry storm 2 9550. I took the verizon SIM card out of my phone and got a pay as you go SIM from vodafone. The service is terrible and even though I pay for blackberry services, I'm unable to use any of the services like email, bbm, or apps.



If i purchased the verizon global phone plan with data to use for the next two months, will I still be able to use all of my blackberry services? (Email, BBM, applications like facebook and whatsapp) On the vodafone network, I cannot, so I'm thinking about just purchasing the global phone plan. I rarely call or SMS when I'm over here. I would use my phone mainly for email and BBM and apps.


I'm already an addition to a family share plan so would the global phone plan be an add-on charge to my line or would I have to go on a completely different plan than my family?


It says it would be about $30 per month for 50MB of data plus calls/texts per minute/text. Does that mean I would pay $30 for the 50MB of data and if I went over 50MB, I'd have to pay additional costs?


If someone could help me out as soon as possible, that would be great.

Re: global phone plan

The BBM will really only work on the VZW Global Services SIM card + roaming...


If you inserted a domestic Vodafone SIM card that should work as you saw without unlocking but maybe the phone isn't designed that way and that's why you have service degredation.


Technically it can all be fixed by doing a software/re-programming update on the BB by updating the firmware/software on the 9550 from + reconfiguring the BBM global email services onto a another carrier by calling Blackberry and telling them or Verizon to release the carrier email ID. Once that is released (ONE carrrier AT A TIME!) another carrier can add it into their systems...


Basically it's possible if you have some computer/IT knowledge...


If I were you if it was cheap just to get a pay as you go phone...


BTW did you try putting the phone into GSM/WCDMA ONLY mode in the BB network technology settings first so it saves battery life + is faster when in a GSM only country!?

Re: global phone plan

No, I didn't do that. IDK how to.


All of that sounds really complicated. The other thing that happened when I put the Vodafone SIM in the phone was that when it rebooted, BB APP world was no longer on my phone. I used "Whatsapp" to text people at home since its free messaging, and recently it stopped working so I deleted it and now I have no way of redownloading it. IDK what happened to App world but I want to try to get it back and I know when I had my verizon SIM card, app world was still on my phone so I was thinking if I got a global plan and put the verizon SIM back into the phone, APP world would be on my phone again. But who knows... this whole thing has been complicated and makes no sense.