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"Pooling" Data allowance for low consumption users?

There are services out there that have one purchase a set amount of credit within the service. (Skype and EZ Pass come to mind. Also Many Pre-Paid plans by VZW.) I was wondering how I would go about suggesting that Post-Paid customers could pre-purchase a "pool" of data for their account, for a set incremental amount.


The pool would have various tiers, and could cover both single and multi-line phone accounts. Having this pool would allow customers who would not normally consider data plans to sign up. This feature, as one could imagine, is aimed at would-be smartphone users. It would not be cost effective to consume the pool monthly, but instead should be aimed toward low usage for 90 days, similar to some pre-paid cell phone plans. At this time, a maintenance fee could be applied, as well as the difference calculated to refill the MB allowance up to the contracted amount.

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Re: "Pooling" Data allowance for low consumption users?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader
Effectively that's what you have now, with the 2GB & 5GB data plans. There are rumors of a family data plan also, where all the lines share the same "pool" of some yet to be determined amount of data.

What you want is "rollover" for 90 days or until you use it - I don't think that will happen for data. Verizon doesn't even do that with plan minutes....