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verizon wireless shady business practices

TIERED DATA AS A CHOICE FOR NETWORK OPTIMIZATION-what a jokethe only thing that optimizes is their bank account.very flawed theory,if every one is connected trying youse their monthly dats allotments the way the network is currently designed performance decreases as more and more users connect until the network is useles as itcis in some of the bigger cities where they are scurrying to activate AWS to eleviate the stress on on the 700mhz frequency currently being used.



Tiered speeds like a normal isp uses.there is only so much spectrum available.create speed tiers so nobody's device is conflicting with anyone else's.

Hypothetical situation as I don't know the real numbers but network engineers do and could convert to working numbers:

Tower capability:60mbps down/20mbps up unsaturated saturation begins at 1000 connections.once saturation begins performance decreases.

To prevent saturation the following speed tiers could be created and data caps comparable to dsl/cable:

Dedicated internet devices(tablet,usb modem,mifi,etc)

20mbps down/5mbps up $120/month

10mbps down/2mbps up $60/month

5mbps down/1mbps up $30/month

150gb cap with coverages billed at $10/20gb

Smartphones-i spent a fair amount of time at a friend's house and there was virtually nothin that I couldn't do on his 6mbps dsl connection so in my opinion here are smartphone pricing options:

Bring back the nation wide plans same pricing as it was fair(except for add a line pricing below),not every one needs unlimited talk/text

Data pricing would be the same with each additional line added at 50% with the highest speed choice at full usage is shared between all users and usage cap is increased by 20% per line on family plan

Nation wide talk n text 700 minutes unlimited messaging-$80/month

Smartphone 1-20mbps choice-$120(150gb of usage)

Line 2-10mbps choice-$30(increases usage to 180gb)

Line 3-5mbps choice-$15(increases usage to 210gb)

Line 4-20mbps choice-$60(increases usage to 240gb)

Up to 10 lines

This is just an example of what could have been.if tiered speeds have worked all these years for land isp services why won't they for mobile isp services.the cellular network recognizes our devices buy the mobile number and can be programmed to restrict speeds accordingly.this is the fairest solution for both sides