Added Apple Watch via numbershare. Taxes and Surcharges are sky high
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I added my Apple Watch to my plan through numbershare. I understand the first bill will be high as it's prorated. That is not what I am referring to. I am referring to the average monthly bill estimate. It is showing $14 in taxes and surcharges for a $10 line. My regular cell line only has $8 (average) for an $80 plan. So, it's telling me it will be $24+ for the numbershare line a month. I already spoke to a rep who told me "iTs aN eStImAtE!" which I find to be not true because calculating the estimated taxes is simple math. And I've been through this song and dance before just to find they billed me exactly what the estimate stated. Also, My service address is the SAME for both lines.

Why am I getting taxed and surchaged near DOUBLE on a $10 numbershare line?

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