Apple Watch Ultra - shipped, now shows as ZEROPICK

Hi all, here's my story, hoping for some insights:

-Ordered Apple Watch Ultra yesterday through my Verizon account online. It said the specific Ultra watch / Green alpine band combo I wanted was in stock and would ship for Thursday, 10/20 arrival. 

-Received ship notification with FedEx tracking # yesterday. 

-This morning, status on FedEx was still showing product was in California, had been picked up by FedEx

-A couple hours ago, received a cancellation email from Verizon. However, order still says its valid online and in Verizon app. Nothing to indicate the order is cancelled except the email.

-Called Verizon support and take 20 minutes and 3 people to get to someone who could look into it. They said everything looked like the order was valid on their end, but that the tracking # showed as ZEROPICK. The FedEx tracking # had disappeared. The rep recommended leaving order in place to see if it would be received, but wasn't able to figure out what's going on.

-Meanwhile, it's now showing ZEROPICK for the tracking # in my Verizon account now. However, when I check the original tracking number with FedEx, it's now updated that it's at an East Coast FedEx location in route to me and on schedule for delivery tomorrow.

Anyone have a similar experience and can shed some light on this? Do we think I'm receiving the watch tomorrow?! Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Re: Apple Watch Ultra - shipped, now shows as ZEROPICK
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that'd be nice if you receive it.  I ordered mine on september 21 and it's still showing a november 18 ship date.  ridiculous.