Apple Watch price not honored

I purchased an Apple Watch 11/27/22 with a deal I accepted in the Chat session for $10.55/month plus line charge.  I have all of the chat transcripts to back me up.  They are now saying price is $16.83 per month plus line charge.   Today I had one rep who was very understanding, but then he sent me to one of his managers.  The manager wanted to offer me $50 for chat rep mistake.  The “mistake” will cost me over $200 more than I budgeted.  The manager just kept repeating himself and then I asked how he would feel if he was promised one price and then charged another.  Of course, he couldn’t answer and kept saying the same thing over and over again.  Apparently, the numbers were all wrong in the chat, but I am supposed to just accept that.  They did offer $50 to cover the mistake, but why should I have to eat the difference?  I just want the deal that I was offered.  This happens every time I purchase a new device or upgrade.  I have to fight for offer that I was offered.  I have been with Verizon a long time and you think they would appreciate their customers.  

Re: Apple Watch price not honored
Customer Service Rep

We are sad to hear that you had this experience, and assure you that we value you as a customer! We are sending a Private message!*Shavonna