Can't activate my Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro LTE
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Filed my grievance with the FCC.

The manager at the Chandler AZ store on Frye road lied to my face saying it is an AT&T watch only. 

Confirmed with Samsung support there is no such thing all their LTE watches can go on any network.

3 INC tickets open with Verizon IT.

Janice at Verizon activation department say she will call you back in 24 hours and never calls. Another activation person said they will call me back and never does.

Level 1 and level 2 support don't want you to talk to a supervisor or manager because they don't want to look bad. They have no idea how to fix the issue. 

It has been 3 weeks dealing with this issue wasting my time away from my wife and 2 young kids.

Both Verizon activation and support departments confirmed the watch is not locked by another carrier, the watch is not reported as lost or stolen, and the IMEI is in the Verizon DMD database. Been told by everyone there is no issues the watch and the Verizon systems and checks for bring your own device are all green.

Called AT&T and confirmed the watch is not locked by them.


Hopefully it is the same issue that my watch is in the Verizon DMD database as a Bluetooth watch and they fix it to a LTE watch so an esim can be created.

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