Customer Service is horrible!!

I ordered an Apple Smartwatch Series 7 early morning (around 5:00 ish am) on 1/21/2022 and paid extra for Saturday delivery. I completed the order and went on to work. Late Friday afternoon I haven’t heard anything about shipping so I reach out to them thru the app by chat. The first person I chatted with was rude, would not answer my questions and could not type - so many misspelled words! Then they wouldn’t answer me at all, so I started the second chat and at first it went a little better, then that turned into the same thing - being rude and refusing to answer my questions. So I waited a little bit and started a third chat - went ahead and changed the shipping address to my office because I had no idea if the watch would actually be delivered on Saturday as paid for. The person was a lot nicer this time and said the shipping address was changed but, that was not true. Late Friday evening I FINALLY receive an update that my package was shipped and would be delivered by 1:30 pm on Saturday 1/22/2022. This is when I realized that the shipping address had not been changed as stated earlier. So I decided to wait. Needless to say Saturday came and went and I didn’t not receive my watch. The app is not updated so I have no idea when to expect my product. I’ve been with Verizon 14 years and have 3 phones with them. But this is about to change, I have complaint forms filled out, ready to submit with the FTC, FCC and Attorney General’s office. I absolutely despise companies who think they are too big and important that they treat customers like this - if it weren’t for these customers, there wouldn’t be a business to begin with.

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