Galaxy Watch 3 LTE Won't Connect
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WATCH: Galaxy Watch 3 45mm.

PHONE: Samsung FLIP 3

From the moment I bought this watch, and it's own mobile plan, it has NEVER connected to my network. 

I have reset it to factory setting at least 9 times, gone into a Verizon store and sat with the poor associate for around 2 hours trouble shooting this, until they gave up and told me to contact technical support. 

I have around 15+ hours now with technical support and EVERY last one of the reps has either hung up on me or "Made a Ticket" and then literally never heard from them again.

I tried for an entire month to get this watch to work, and NO ONE told me there was a 30 day guarantee--until, after it ENDED. So now I was stuck with this watch. Finally one agent told me the watch may be broken, but Samsung covered it for up to a year. So I sent it to Samsung--and they confirmed it was 100% in perfect working condition. 

So while troubleshooting with ANOTHER rep, I reset the watch. I delete the wearable app. I start from SCRATCH. They "set up my plan"

The reps say they have activated the mobile plan for my watch, and they send me the QR code. I'm doing all the normal set up steps, then I get to the big moment of "Set up Mobile Plan". So when I go to scan it, it loads for a bit... then it tells me my mobile plan has not been set up for my watch. And to contact my mobile provider--who I'm currently on the phone with.

So I'm paying 10$ a month, going on 5mo now, for a mobile plan that "Isn't set up", and also an additional $14 a month for a watch I can't fully use without having my phone directly in my pocket, which defeats the purpose of a STANDALONE device. 

I just want this watch to work. I don't want anything for free, I haven't yelled at anyone, I haven't demanded a manager, I've literally been calm and co-operative this whole way and I'm just defeated at this point. I really just want my watch to function, as it should. I've fulfilled my half of the contract, by paying every month on time. I feel I'm at least owed what I paid for. 

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I just went through setup of a Galaxy 4 LTE.  There is definitely fine details that matter when they set up your plan.  I know this because I went throught the plan setup and activation 3 times.  And on two occasions, the APP behaved differently during the activation.  

1. Major show stopper was my 911 address in MY VERIZON was not defined.  It's not assumed to be your billing address and has to be specifically filled in.  The tech had no idea, I stumbled up on it and by changing it, the activation process was allowed to finish.  Before that it just Hung.

2. Another problem was WIFI calling?  Which was sort of a head scratcher.  For this I did see language and prompts referring to WIFI calling and was able to communicate this to the tech and they added it.  

3. Another weird thing,  the Techs all wanted to send me this seemingly bulletproof QR code....Well the activation for a Galaxy 4 and S20 phone never even asks for a QR code. The email they sent to me twice with a QR code was completely useless in my case.   When it failed and when it finally worked,  all I did was follow the prompt in the app to assign a plan and it reached back to My Verizon and found the plan.  

Sorry I don't have the answer in your specific situation, but suffice to say....Both you and the tech become a team, albeit see things and know things and they see things and know things.....eventually both sides get it right and it works........

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No, no Tech has ever solved my Issue. They all will work with me and help me for a day--then I never hear from them again. I wait on the phone quietly while they look up the issue and try every single trouble shooting step under the sun. 

At this point, though, its absolutely CONFIRMED to be on Verizon's side. My boyfriends watch has been perfectly connected since day one and has never had an issue, its just MY watch that doesnt connect and can't be used as a Standalone. 

I had a tech working with me yesterday and today for a total of four hours trying to get the plan to set up properly. They'll "set up my plan" and then tell me to set up the watch. I'll go through the process, and eventually the phone in the Galaxy Watch app asks me to scan a code to get a plan set up--and then when I can it, it tells me "Your provider has not set up a plan", even though they JUST did. 

The tech has set up and re-set up my plan at least 4 times, the one today even gave me an entirely new watch number and started from SCRATCH and nothing worked. 

At this point Verizon has gone 5 months with NO resolution and has absolutely failed me, and yet somehow my bill continues to go up every month. I've gone from 180$ a month to 230$, and next months is going to be 250? without explanation. all teh while one of my plans doesnt even work. 

I hate Verizon so much, I 've tried so hard for so long to get a resolution and I give up. All I can do is cry and this point. I want to return my watch and my phone and just leave this awful carrier. I've never hated a company so much in my life. 

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