Galaxy watch 5 pro - trouble activating
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Anyone else having issues getting verizon to correctly activate their new galaxy watch 5 pro??? I received my watch Monday 2/28 and have been trying to get it correctly activated ever since. I have "chatted" with 4 agents without any luck and spoke to one agent on the phone today who told me he put in an escalated problem ticket since the issue is with verizon software and not in my watch. He told me that I would get a confirmation text and email with the ticket number and that was around 1pm this afternoon. So far, no text or email of confirmation. So I guess I will just have to continue to call verizon and go thru the whole reset and reactivate (I have done this no less than 15-20 times thus far) until I actually get it correctly....until then I have a watch that does not have a phone number, no ICCID and will not make calls unless it is connected via Bluetooth.  

Re: Galaxy watch 5 pro - trouble activating
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Catn32, we're sorry to hear that you are unable to get your new watch up and running, and even more sorry to hear that we did not provide you with the details as promised. I'm sending your a private message for additional details