GizmoHub app notifications need major improvements
Enthusiast - Level 2

Issues with the "is at" and "not at" notification messages:

"Child's GizmoWatch is at one of your places. Tap to view."

"Child's GizmoWatch is not at one your places. Tap to view."

First, the messages are way too similar and can too easily be misconstrued from each other. Depending on how one sets up their saved locations, one of these messages is going to be vastly more important than the other (i..e if it's referencing not at one of your safe places, then the "is not at" is far more important. 

Second, the 2nd one is not even grammatically correct. It's missing an "of".

Thirdly, the notifications need to inform the user of which "place" it's referring to. In the event of a parent setting up a "safe" location and an "unsafe" location, the message "is at" or "not at" loses any relevance if one does not know which place it's referring to.

Lastly, if one only sets up safe places, having the message say "is not at one of your places" isn't that helpful when the child is actually at the other "safe" place.  An option to be able to get a notification when the child is not at any of the saved places vs not at one would be a very good addition.