Have my number blocked. Could not make calls on Apple Watch 7.

I have an Apple Watch Series 7 and I use Verizon's shared numbered (pay an extra $10 a month and your calls go to your Apple watch when someone dials your number - even if the phone is not present). I can leave my phone at home and just use my watch while I'm out jogging. Trouble is, my watch was unable to make outgoing calls to some while the phone was home. Turns out, I have call blocking on my phone and when I call someone from my watch using *82 to unblock my number so they can see it's me calling, the watch is unable to make the call. Or I should say Verizon doesn't make the call. I get a message "your feature update can not be completed." It took me forever to figure it out. Now when I leave my phone at home, and I'm out jogging with my watch, I can make a call using my watch to someone but I can't use the *82 in front of their number to unblock the call. If I do, the call won't go through. When I just dial the person's number and leave out the *82, the call goes through. (The funny thing is, the person on the other end is able to see it's me calling, even though I didn't dial *82 to unblock my number. There must be a glitch in the coding somewhere).

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