I feel like I’m being taken advantage of

I signed up as a new customer last week and got an iPhone 14 plus along with an Apple Watch. I was under the impression that the $600 Watch they were selling me was one of the latest versions. I mean, why would they not sell me the newest one, right? 
Well, I get home and the Watch will not pair to my phone at all. I tried a million times and nothing. I look at the back of the Watch and to my surprise it’s a series 5! I take a look at my receipt and it says series 7! Ok, now I’m a little irritated. I take it back to the store bc there has been an obvious mistake. But they tell me that the series 5 is the correct product and it is indeed $600. It just rings up in their system as the series 7. What?! Why? And more importantly how is it that I can get the newer series watches from VERIZON cheaper than this discontinued series 5? I should be able to return this device with no penalty and I shouldn’t have to pay some restocking fee. Am I wrong? 

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