Liars and Thieves
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So I decided I wanted to upgrade my watch and phone for my birthday (10 pro Max and Apple Watch 6 series without data plan) both phone and watch were in great condition no cracked screens, scratches, nothing at all!! While in store the associate there checked both item’s condition. Because there wasn’t a 14 in store I agreed to have it mailed and was provided with return boxes and labels to send both items back to complete trade-in process.  I received a email to that the iPhone met qualification and got full credit of $350 but the watch that was in top condition before I mailed it now suddenly didn’t power on, screen unresponsive or had cracks!! ALL COMPLETE LIES!! When I asked for pictures of the damaged device I was told they couldn’t provide them. I was told I placed the device already in the box that way because before the devices are even shipped they are inspected to make sure they work. At this point in the conversation I’m ticked off because I know I didn’t put it in the box damaged.  Whoever does these “inspections” basically lied in their report and probably kept the watch for themselves and sold it for more than $180 credit I was suppose to get. BUT Luckily for me (complete sarcasm) I’ve been a loyal customer for 13 yrs says the representative so the most he could offer now for some donkey lying was $75! So to the person who basically stole my old watch and lied karma is real. From now on if you decide to do a trade in do it in person at the store face to face! Don’t trust these scamming warehouse employees to do the right thing. Especially when no one is looking because it’s just their word against yours.  I’ve read reviews and this apparently happens often but lesson learned! 

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