New Apple seriies 7 watch will not activate on cellular

Purchased 2 Series 7 watches, 2 iPhone 13 Promax. One of the watches will not activate on number share.

Spent 2 hours initially on chat and phone and the tech just kept trying the same things and nothing was working. I asked to speak with a more experienced tech or supervisor and the tech kept giving me the run around and finally said someone would call within 1 hour.

I did not receive the call back, text or email....

We then decided to go to a company store and see if they could help. After 3 hours in the store, all of which was spent trying the same things we tried earlier with tech support on the phone. The store employee kept asking for tier 2 support but tech kept giving her the regular tech support number. Finally store employee said they will replace watch, to come back to store in 2 days, they will have a replacement watch and will help set it up.

When we returned to store today, a different store employee went through the same fixes we had tried on the phone and in person. Still couldn't figure it out.

At this point I thought for sure we would get a new watch, but now they want to give it to the "escalation team" but not until the following afternoon.

The store employees are just doing what they are told, it's not their issue, it's a Verizon issue and we can't seem to find the right person or team to activate a watch. My expectation of verizon would be to fix it or replace it, but not after 8 hours in the store and on the phone and recieving the runaround 4 times.

Who can help us? Can someone please contact us ASAP...not tomorrow during my working hours, but tonight?


We just want our watch to work, please help.

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Re: New Apple seriies 7 watch will not activate on cellular

I have the same issue, we’re you able to fix it?